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Change Log

If you see this page, congratulations! You have found the change log for this website. Whether you find this interesting or not, we'll leave that up to you.

Changes 10/3/2023

​Published features

  • Refined logo

  • Added logo to tab

  • Refined colours to be uniform throughout homepage

  • Added testimonials page

  • Adjusted header to fade when scroll

  • Adjusted header size, added hover effects and selected effects

  • Added an Error 404 page

Unpublished features

  • Added pricing page

    • Completed basics package​

    • Completed middle eastern package

  • Added offers page

    • Added two offers, 10% off and fog machine​

  • Created first build of the app

Changes  11/3/2023

Published Features

  • None yet

Unpublished Features

  • Added a subscription feature to the current offers page, to subscribe to offers


Published Features​

  • Added important information banner

  • Removed floral arrangments


  • .

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